TheWit – Chicago, Illinois

TheWit Hotel in Chicago, brought to you by a DoubleTree Hilton hotel chain, is a lovely and scenic getaway location, smack dab in the heart of Chicago on 210 N St. Surrounded by shops, nature, and just enough city bustle make this an amazing spot to host your special day. A few miles in each direction offer views of nature, charming city life, galleries, shopping malls, museums, bars, small shops, sports venues, along with numerous options to satisfy the appetite. TheWit is one of the most highly regarded venues with amazing wedding reviews from countless brides.


There are many options in front of you when booking with theWit that will allow you full control and helpful assistance in making sure your wedding creates life-long memories for you and your guests. Every little detail from pre and post-wedding preparations, the wedding cost, wedding venue, wedding reception, all the way down to the details of the cake, the staff at theWit will help you every step of the way. They will talk with you and discuss budget and numbers to find the best spaces for your guests and will give you the once-in-a-lifetime experience at one of the most amazing places to have a wedding in Chicago.

Floors & Event Spaces:

TheWit offers a range of spaces and floors that can be grouped for multi-day use. These are floors and spaces that can be booked singularly, or in combination with other available spaces. With such a variety of amazing spaces with views and room for any number of guests, you will feel right at home in theWit while you enjoy a multi-floor celebration.


The rehearsal dinner, to start, can be held in many customizable spaces at theWit or spaces nearby. They will create a place that you and your family can feel close and comfortable and also offer parts of their amazing menu to start the entire wedding celebration off well the night before. They will help you book your rehearsal dinner in spaces like the State and Lake Chicago Tavern that has a low-lit and warm atmosphere with Midwestern cuisine and a large variety of drinks. There is also a Screen room inside theWit that offers a divine menu and a private space for up to 45 guests and. With a large theater screen, it’s a great place to watch family videos, Skype family members who couldn’t make the celebration, or just space to get ready the next morning. You may choose theWit restaurant or theWit bar as a great social experience as well.


The ceremony can be held in three different spaces. Your first option that will hold 85 guests is a 4th-floor foyer space. The second option is called the Dickinson Room, also on the 4th floor, which holds about 100 guests. The Wilde Ballroom holds the most, totaling up to 220 guests and is on the 3rd floor of the building. Each location is easily customized with special decorations, additions, and floral arrangements that will create your perfect background for an incredible and intimate wedding day. The helpful staff will provide modern touches, adding dramatic or rustic decor and will assist you in finding and booking other resources for lights, music, or additional features.


The reception can be held in any variety of spaces, but quite possibly one of the most amazing is the roof, called ROOF on theWit. This is great for a cocktail time and a dinner and dancing space. The spaces on the 27th-floor ROOF include both indoor and outdoor and come in a wide array of sizes based on your needs. You may choose the Living Room, featuring a fireplace and a bar called the Hangover. The Hangover is a platform that extends out over the side of theWit that will take your guests’ breath away, offering beautiful views of the city. The combination of ROOF with the Living Room and Hangover is suitable for 80 guests.


Other options for theWit Hotel ROOF combinations include the Hangover and Lounge spaces combined for up to 150 guests, the ROOF Patio allows space for 200 guests, or the Patio and Loft combination with space for up to 220 guests. The Patio and Loft offer much more seating, two great bar spaces and a wood burning oven for toasting tasty treats or just a cozy setting with an inviting ambiance. This is simply one of the most outstanding venues for your dream rooftop wedding.


They also have spaces other than the ROOF for amazing reception experiences such as the Dickinson Room that will hold about 50 guests. Next, there is the Cibo Matto, literally meaning “crazy food” which is a very private space that boasts floor to ceiling windows and an incredible wine cellar with over 1,500 bottles of wine from around the world. Cibo Matto is one of the most unique spaces in theWit to spice up your reception with a cap of around 120 guests. There are also the Churchill and Wilde Ballrooms that are great for larger groups from 200-220 guests. They offer great space for dancing or just enjoying time conversing. It is a contemporary space with floor to ceiling windows and these spaces are easy to customize and configure to ensure your night is exactly what you want.


With a lengthy full-range menu, theWit offers numerous items that will satiate any appetite. They will help you decide on food for the beginning as starters or appetizers, your plated meals for family and friends during the rehearsal and the reception, and also offer items during the later part of the reception for snacks. TheWit offers menu sizes and choices for any size of party you might have and even offer buffet-style meal options.

Added Benefits

Yet another of the many things theWit helps to provide is a wedding cake tasting menu. The staff also allow you to build your own cake based on their options to make the special day even more personal to you and your family.


There are amazing packages and deals that theWit staff will help you negotiate to ensure the bride and groom and all of the guests and family have a night to remember. Every bride wants their day to be flawless and theWit is there to make sure that happens. When planning your special day, every little detail counts and theWit is there to help you with all of them.

The Staff

The staff at theWit will be there from the beginning to the end. If they find that they don’t have the resources or answers to all of your questions, they will make sure to assist you in finding those answers. They will help customize the menu, help set up and design the spaces, and work hard to make sure your special day goes smoothly. They have brilliant customizable menus and plenty of options to meet your needs. When using a package with the staff at theWit, there are many discounts available to you because they want you to be comfortable and care-free. These discounts can be used for Spa at theWit, the State and Lake Tavern for an after party, or a post-wedding brunch. All are available with the amazing staff and spaces that theWit has to offer.