Stan Mansion – Chicago, IL

Many brides dream of their wedding day for nearly their entire lives. Most have a picture in their mind’s eye of what the special day will look like- the theme, the layout, or the general energy of the grand event. Trouble is, many venues, while beautiful, limit the bride’s dream because they simply cannot customize their space to each and every personal taste. At Stan Mansion in Chicago, IL, this is not the case. The versatility of the venue and the dedication of the staff make this historical mansion the perfect space for any bride wanting to fully customize and oversee every aspect of her wedding venue.


Customization is what Cera Stan, owner of Stan Mansion, prides her venue on. Cera, along with the rest of the staff, want each bride to have the opportunity to make the space exactly what she wants, and they will go above and beyond to help accomplish any vision the bride may have. A Stan Mansion wedding means that the bride doesn’t have to sacrifice any part of that dream wedding she has been picturing for years. Instead, she can embrace her vision and work alongside the Stan Mansion staff to make that vision come to life.

Stan Mansion History & Fame

The Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, IL was experiencing an upswing in popularity in the 1920s. Considered one of the most influential neighborhoods in the state at that time, it was selected to house a new building for a chapter of the Knights Templar. That space, built in only six months, would eventually become Stan Mansion. It served the Knights Templar for many years as a masonic lodge and was later purchased by Cera Stan and transformed into the beautiful venue it is today. Stan Mansion was totally restored in 2012, bringing it up to par with modern standards while retaining its historical beauty, grandeur, and architecture. The 1920s glamour of the building remains at the forefront, making it obvious on first sight why this venue is so popular.


In recent years, the mansion has seen its fair share of national fame. Most notably, it was awarded “Best Venue” from TLC’s popular show “Four Weddings” in 2014 when a couple, featured on the show, held their “Wizard of Oz” themed wedding at Stan Mansion.


The Logan Square that was experiencing such popularity in the 1920s is still going strong. Considered one of the oldest neighborhoods in Chicago, it contains a charming historic district, and Stan Mansion is right in the heart of it all. The neighborhood boasts many historical homes that retain their 1920s beauty and integrity. Wedding guests will marvel at the grandeur of a neighborhood that has remained unchanged for nearly a century. Partly due to its central location, Stan Mansion remains the frontrunner in Logan Square wedding venues.

The Space

Weddings great and small are welcome at Stan Mansion. The venue boasts three distinct spaces, including first and second floor ballrooms and a cocktail room. For brides wanting a seated dinner at their reception, the second-floor ballroom can easily hold up to 300 guests. If this still isn’t enough space, the bride can opt for a standing, cocktail-style reception and invite up to 420 people. Even more could be hosted should the bride want to use the cocktail space or the first-floor entrance area as overflow. This ballroom is so versatile that Stan Mansion receptions and ceremonies alike are beautifully displayed. The main staging area at the head of the ballroom is the perfect backdrop to any ceremony, or can be used to house the head table during the reception. Four raised seating areas surround the ballroom, giving the space a unique and customizable look. The raised spaces are perfect for dinner seating, displays, or even lounge-style seating.


Another ballroom on the first floor is also quite large and can be used for a ceremony space, allowing the guests to immediately retire to the second floor ballroom to enjoy the reception. The cocktail room is adjacent to the second floor ballroom is a lovely place to hold “cocktail hour” when brides choose to use the ballroom for both the ceremony and reception. Guests can enjoy libations and admire the built-in, historically accurate bars while the staff at Stan Mansion fully transforms the ceremony area into the reception of the bride’s dreams. At Stan Mansion, wedding photos are a breeze when you consider the historical architecture, the variety of spaces, and, in the warm months, the gorgeous front garden.

Money Saving

When planning a wedding, budget can be a great concern for many brides and grooms. At Stan Mansion, wedding cost doesn’t have to be a burden as there are several ways of saving money. For example, Stan Mansion prices are variable by season, as they offer discounts during certain months. Be sure to check out their website for upcoming discounts or inquire about them during your tour of the venue. Stan Mansion also allows their clients to provide their own alcohol, a perk that could end up saving a bride several thousands of dollars.


Little things like this go a long way in saving the bride’s budget. At Stan Mansion, cost doesn’t have to be a burden.