Salvage One – Chicago, Illinois

Many brides and grooms find themselves at a roadblock when trying to select the perfect wedding venue for their special day. As a wedding is a celebration of the engaged couple, the venue should match their taste and should clearly reflect their personal style. The same classic church ceremony and plain reception hall, while elegant and timeless, simply doesn’t work for every bride and groom like it used to.


More and more people are stepping out of the box and saying “no” to traditional venues that don’t reflect their personalities. Now, couples everywhere are searching for more unique places where they can say their vows in style.


The Salvage One Chicago wedding venue is the perfect answer for couples all over the Chicagoland area, or even all over the country, seeking a unique, vintage, classy, and eye-catching space to hold their wedding. Salvage One is a large, warehouse- style retail store, showroom, and event space specializing in preserving history by salvaging and repurposing items that others may simply discard. Recycling items in unique ways is their talent, and helping people achieve their stylistic dreams is their passion.


Salvage One in Chicago provides the most unique and stylistically rich wedding space that the city has to offer. With several floors of uniquely salvaged materials, props, and furniture, this venue is a photographer’s dream. The backdrops are endless and breath-taking. Brides who are searching for something rustic and unique should not hesitate to schedule a tour of Salvage One.

The Style

Salvage One is certainly no basic church wedding or average reception hall. The space is home to rustic wooden beams, industrial-style exposed brick walls, original wood flooring, and all the salvaged antiques anyone could hope for. The advantage of having a wedding in a retail space is that the inventory is always moving. This means that brides don’t have to worry about their wedding being the same, or even slightly similar, to another big event.


With so many vintage items to choose from, each wedding can be customized to the couple’s specific tastes. The staff at Salvage One will work tirelessly with each bride to stage the ceremony and reception in a unique way, choosing from the large selection of salvaged items and props in the warehouse. Salvage One wedding pictures will not be your garden-variety photos, as there are endless background options, both indoor and outdoor.


A Salvage One Chicago wedding can be reflective of many types of styles. A sleek and classy wedding will look fabulous on the space’s wood flooring, utilizing white globe-style lanterns and marble statues. An industrial and modern wedding will fit perfectly against the exposed brick backdrop and will blend wonderfully with repurposed iron-works. A chic, rustic wedding can have a backdrop of beautifully restored stained glass and a multitude of antiques. With so many options, each bride can have the wedding she has always dreamed of: one that perfectly reflects her own unique taste.

The Space

It’s not only the repurposed props and furniture that make this venue so versatile, as the building itself has several options for both the ceremony and reception. The first floor of the building provides both an indoor and an outdoor space for any Salvage One ceremony. The happy couple is free to choose either, and both boast enough space to hold up to 200 guests. The indoor space has pew-seating, exposed brick and original wood, along with white pillars as a backdrop to the vows. The space, of course, can be decorated with any of Salvage One’s repurposed items, allowing the bride to guide the style of the ceremony.


Outdoor options include a small courtyard, which is a lovely place for a first-look, wedding photos, or even a very intimate ceremony, and a larger ceremony space. This space is highly unique and rustic, with a grass runway-style aisle for the bride to approach the iron-worked alter. Salvage One Chicago receptions can also be held outdoors, weather permitting, and the space gives a lovely blend of both green space and bricked-courtyard.


The second floor of the venue provides a large hall, big enough for either a ceremony or a reception, and safe from inclement weather. Wooden floors and beams, exposed brick, and plenty of room for dancing and a seated dinner make thisspace an ideal reception space. This indoor hall can host up to 250 guests. Brides and grooms need not be concerned about their driving guests, because there is plenty of space on the street for Salvage One wedding parking.

The Location

This venue is located in the West Town neighborhood of Chicago, IL. Being in a large city is always a perk for wedding guests, as there are plenty of options for dining, entertainment, and lodging. Hotels near Salvage One Chicago include Chicago Marriott at Medical District, Crowne Plaza Chicago Metro, and Holiday Inn and Suites Downtown Chicago.


The Salvage One address is: 1840 West Hubbard Street, Chicago, IL 60622. Directions to Salvage One Chicago can be founding using the above address, or on their website:

The Money

Of course all engaged couples need to keep budget in mind when selecting their venue, and many are curious about the rental cost of Salvage One Chicago. While a bride should contact the venue staff for exact numbers and a quote appropriate to their specific needs, she should be aware that the Salvage One wedding cost does include many amenities, such as multiple dressing suites, lighting, dance floor, prep kitchen for caterers, tables and chairs, chandeliers and lamps, and an on-site manager.


The average cost of Salvage One is certainly comparable to the other venues in Chicago, and the unique atmosphere and warehouse full of props make every cent worth it.