Palmer House – Chicago, IL

The Palmer House, a Hilton hotel, has been the setting for picturesque Chicago weddings for  decades. Historical, ornate, stylish, and intricate- these are just a few of the ways to describe this spectacular venue. The Palmer House history only adds to the romantic atmosphere, for in the late Nineteenth Century, a Chicago businessman named Potter Palmer gave the Palmer House to his new bride, Bertha Honore, as a wedding gift. Since then, the romance has   continued and this exquisite hotel has been the backdrop to countless matrimonial vows.


The variety of event spaces means that any wedding, whether great or small, modern or classic,  intricate or simple, will be easily accommodated. A Palmer House wedding, Chicago, IL, is the wedding of any bride’s dreams.

The Location

Because the hotel is situated in the heart of Chicago, which means there are countless options for restaurants and entertainment. The bride and groom can rest easy knowing their out-of-town guests will enjoy themselves all weekend.

The Space

The Palmer House can accommodate weddings of all sizes, from an intimate gathering of 50 close friends and family, to an enormous event of over 1,000 guests. Yes, you read that correctly- by combining two of the large spaces, The Palmer House ballrooms can comfortably seat up to 1,500 people. The sky is really the limit at this venue. The Grand Ballroom, the State Ballroom, the Red Lacquer Room, the Empire Room, and the Honore are the five wedding spaces available for larger wedding ceremonies, the smallest of which still seating up to 280 people. Each room can serve as a multi-purpose space, housing both the ceremony and the reception, or couples can choose to reserve two separate ballrooms for their big day. With options this large, no couple will feel the need to eliminate important people from their guest-list. Everyone fits at The Palmer House!


For more intimate weddings, The Palmer House provides still more options for engaged couples. The Lockwood Private Dining Room, the Lockwood Wine Room, Potter’s Lounge, as well as a host of hospitality suites can be the perfect setting for a small gathering of friends and loved ones. Although smaller, these spaces are just as beautiful as the massive ballrooms, making them an ideal setting for a romantic, quiet ceremony. Regardless of which space the happy couple choose, they can rest assured that the wedding will be beautiful because each room is ornate and breath-taking. Couples will enjoy the  memories for years to come, because no matter which room in the Palmer House, pictures are sure to be beautiful and reflective of the gorgeous surroundings.


The multitudes of options at The Palmer House means that that any bride, no matter her vision or taste, can find what she is looking for. Budget no longer has to be an issue either, because with so many options available any couple is sure to find Palmer House wedding prices that they are comfortable with.

What’s included?

So what is included in Palmer House wedding costs? More than any bride could ask for, that’s what! Wedding packages at the Palmer House include many extras that make the bride’s to-do list much shorter. As the venue eases the weight off of her shoulders, the bride can relax and focus on more important things in the days leading up to her wedding. Included with the cost of a Palmer House wedding are: a deluxe bar (tended for up to four hours), passed hors d’oeurves, champagne and wine, a multi-course dinner, and a custom wedding cake. Various décor is also included, such as candles, linens, frames, and menu cards.


Two changing rooms are available for the bridal party to utilize on the day of the wedding. This will allow the entire party to get ready together and enjoy the special day, without worrying about transportation to the venue after everyone is all dressed. This also means the photographer will be able to capture it all, as they can easily move between the bride and her maids and the groom with his groomsmen.


Perhaps one of the biggest amenities available to couples who will wed at the venue is the complimentary Palmer House bridal suite. Two evenings in the suite are included with the Palmer House wedding price, a deal rarely found at other wedding venues. The new husband and wife will be able to retire for the evening with ease, simply leaving the reception and heading upstairs. No more planning transportation and outside lodging because everything is waiting right at the Palmer House. Two nights in the suite mean that the couple can rest and relax before embarking on their honeymoon.


Likewise, parents of the bride and groom can also feel at ease in the hotel because a complimentary upgrade to a one-room suite is available to them. Parents and immediate family members often work the hardest on the days leading up to the wedding, so being able to relax in their very own suite is a wonderful way for them to end the wedding celebrations on a positive note.


Out-of-town guests aren’t forgotten, either. When couples book the Palmer House for their wedding, the hotel gives their guests a preferred rate so they can stay right where all the action is and not worry about transportation or outside lodging. This also makes the reception more enjoyable as guests aren’t required to drive to another hotel after the celebrations.