Memorial Chapel – Culver, IN

The Memorial Chapel in Culver, Indiana resides on the campus of Culver Academies. Culver is a college preparatory institution consisting of three different schools, including a military school, a girl’s school, and a summer camp. Admission to Culver is elite and exclusive. Boasting excellence in academics, sports, and other extracurricular activities, Culver is a highly respected institution with many well-known alumni, including country singer Dierks Bentley and Olympic medalist Molly Engstrom.

The Memorial Chapel is available as a wedding venue. Its rich history and gorgeous architecture make the chapel an ideal location for a church wedding ceremony, especially for brides wanting a religious service.


Located in Marshall County, Culver is a mere two hours from Chicago and only an hour from South Bend, Indiana. Perhaps the pride of Culver is Lake Maxincuckee, the second largest natural lake in the state. Culver Academies lies on the shore of this beautiful body of water, making the chapel an even more beautiful location for a wedding. The campus itself is quite amazing to behold, as it is filled with tons of manicured green space and lovely architecture such as red brick and towering spires.


Unsurprisingly, Culver is a hub of activity in the summer months as tourists seek a respite from the larger cities nearby. Quaint, classy, and charming, Culver boasts many options for delicious food, fun entertainment, and excellent shopping. Wedding guests will love a chance to visit this gem of a city. Whether they choose to enjoy a delicious seafood dinner on the shores of Lake Maxincuckee, or a day of shopping for antiques, or a stroll around the town park, visitors will not be disappointed with all that Culver has to offer.


There is no shortage of options for guest lodging when brides choose the Memorial Chapel, and Culver, for their wedding. One of the best perks of having a wedding in such a quaint city is that guests don’t have to stick with the same boring, generic hotels that are available in every city. Standard hotels are available, of course, but along with them are more homey options such as bed and breakfasts, cabins, and inns. There are even campgrounds available for adventurous guests looking to combine the wedding with a camping trip of their own!

The Chapel

Surrounded by large trees and overlooking the fantastic Maxincuckee Lake, the Memorial Chapel is one of the crown jewels of the Culver campus. Built in 1950 to honor the Culver men who had served in the armed forces, the chapel has continually been used as a place of reverent worship since that day. A red brick exterior with a high steeple, the structure exudes an air of prestige that is perfect for the classic church wedding. Potential brides will be interested to hear that the chapel is home to the second largest pipe organ in America. Imagine walking down the aisle to music played from something so grand!


The chapel is open to the public as a wedding venue, but it is quite popular so brides should be sure to secure their date as soon as possible. To enquire about the wedding rates at Memorial Chapel, potential brides can submit a request form via the website:


Those interested should also be sure to check out reviews of Memorial Chapel on The Knot.


The Memorial Chapel is a well-loved wedding venue due to its fantastic architecture. Wedding photos will be breathtaking with such a rich and intricate backdrop. Arguably, the most dazzling aspect of the chapel’s architecture is the large stained-glass window, located directly above the altar and thus the centerpiece for the ceremonial vow- exchange. The window was created in Exeter, England, and bears the image of Jesus Christ, as he teaches to multitudes of people.


Another stunning piece of architecture in Memorial Chapel is the ceiling. Soaring at over fifty-feet above the ground, the ceiling is impressive for both its magnitude and its intricacy. Over 160 panels, each depicting their own biblical symbol, span the ceiling. The scenes depicted are shown in chronological order, from God as the Creator all the way to the early churches. One doesn’t need a religious background to appreciate the details of this design.


The narthex and the chancel also boast fantastic detail that will stun any who visit the chapel. The entryway to the Memorial Chapel gives homage to the Culver alumni that the chapel was built to honor. Wooden pews, limestone walls, and complex carvings complete this space and make it an ideal venue for a beautiful wedding ceremony. Brides who are concerned with the wedding cost will be pleased with all that the Memorial Chapel has to offer in grandeur and style.

Contact and Hours

To enquire about the wedding rates at Memorial Chapel, or to ask about hours for touring the chapel, potential brides can submit a request form on the website. The phone number for Culver Academies, and the Memorial Chapel, is: 574-842-7000