Matt Bigelow grew up in the cozy midwest town of Crown Point, Indiana. With unconditional love and support from his mother and father, Matt has always been encouraged to follow his dreams.

As a result, he has explored numerous styles of creative expression over the years.

He has experimented with a variety of media including drawing, painting, pottery, sculpture and even automobile customization, all the while fine tuning his senses to lines, shapes, colors and forms.

It wasn’t until early 2007 that these paths eventually crossed, introducing him to a medium that would help inspire his life’s work–photography.

Not having had the opportunity to attend a professional photography school, the vast majority of what Matt has learned has been through hands-on experience, experimentation and observation. In the beginning, Matt spent most of his time running around the house photographing his mother’s plants, his pet reptiles, sculptures, and anything else that caught his eye.

As his passion grew, so did his desire to challenge himself. It was shortly after that Matt was introduced to the nearby city of Gary, Indiana, littered with abandoned factories, schools and churches. Astonished by the beauty he saw amidst the destruction, Matt quickly began incorporating people into these surroundings and his photography.

The more Matt worked with people, the more he recognized the value of learning to utilize off-camera lighting. As you might expect, he jumped right in. Matt began researching, experimenting with his findings, and applying his techniques in the field.

Just two short years after picking up his first digital camera, Matt was hosting his own lighting workshops and sharing his knowledge and techniques with photographers throughout Chicagoland.

Matt has been contracted around the country by a variety of clients such as fashion designers, clothing labels, corporations, models, families and of course, brides and grooms to be. Matt currently spends most of his time focusing on wedding, family and senior photography.

To Matt, being given the opportunity to help document the most joyous days of people’s lives is an honor unrivaled. These opportunities are what feed his inspiration for creating images that will be cherished for the rest of your lives.


Wedisson Best Wedding Photography Award Winner
The Time Best of the Region 2014

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