Marquette Pavilion – Gary, IN

The Marquette Pavilion in Gary, Indiana, is a large, versatile space that can accommodate weddings of all shapes, sizes, and styles. A recent renovation as made the entire structure completely updated and modern, including a new kitchen, bar facilities, and several bathrooms of both the unisex and separate varieties. Engaged couples have many choices in locations when planning their perfect day, from a wedding on the sand overlooking the beach to a completely indoor ceremony and reception in the ballroom. There are options to fit any bride’s taste at the Marquette Pavilion.


All the conveniences are available with a Marquette Park Pavilion rental, and the lovely architecture and scenery are just the icing on the cake. The pavilion boasts picturesque views of the park’s surroundings, including sand dunes and lagoons. The natural beauty of the surrounding Marquette Park allow for a beautiful backdrop to any Marquette Pavilion wedding. The Marquette Park Pavilion address is: 1 North Grand Boulevard, Gary, IN 46403

The Surroundings

The Marquette Pavilion is located in the beautiful Marquette Park in Gary, IN. The park has a rich history dating back to the late 1800s when people first began settling on the land. The space was always a popular recreational space, and eventually evolved into the park it is today. The park now holds not only the Marquette Pavilion, but also an aviation museum, a historical monument, and the Gary Aquatorium. Marquette Park, on the south shore of Lake Michigan, is famous for its shockingly beautiful natural landscapes, including sand dunes (home to many endangered and rare species), lagoons, Lake Michigan shorelines, oak tree woodlands, and Patterson Island. A Japanese-style bridge connects to the park to Patterson Island, a great spot for wedding-day photographs. In fact, all of the natural beauty in Marquette Park means that there will be no end to fabulous backdrops for the photographer to capture the bride, groom, and wedding party. At Marquette Park Pavilion, pictures will be memorable and stunning.

Indoor Weddings

The ballroom in the Marquette Pavilion is a fantastic choice to couples wishing for an indoor ceremony or reception. With a capacity for up to 250 guests, the ballroom has plenty of space for a seated dinner, a dance floor, and displays. The architecture of the space is fully restored and includes original terrazzo flooring, intricate walls, and a vaulted ceiling complete with skylights. Huge windows circle the room, providing sweeping views of the nearby lagoon and sand dunes.


The ballroom has two separate bars, one on each end, so guests won’t have to stand in line for long to get their cocktails. A lovely mezzanine overlooking the ballroom is included with the rental, as well as two dressing rooms for the bridal party to prepare for the dat. A full kitchen is connected to the space, as well as unisex restrooms. The ballroom is also handicap-accessible, with an elevator leading from the lobby to the event space.


A formal lounge is another indoor space available in the Marquette Park Pavilion. Newly renovated and complete with a bar, kitchen area, and comfortable seating, the lounge is a perfect area for the bridal party or the family of the bride and groom to relax on the big day. The lounge is a great place to serve a light lunch or brunch before the ceremony begins, or to allow everyone to relax before and after their turn taking pictures. Both the ceremony and the reception can be held in the ballroom, or, for brides wanting a touch of outdoor beauty, the couple can marry in one of the many outdoor spaces and then have their wedding reception in the Marquette Park Pavilion ballroom.

Outdoor Weddings

The Marquette Pavilion offers many stunning options for outdoor weddings or receptions, each of which can be used alone or in conjunction with another Marquette Pavilion space. The North Garden is the largest of these, holding over 350 guests. An outdoor lawn directly adjacent to the pavilion, the garden is the perfect spot for tented wedding celebrations. This is a great compromise for couples wanting an outdoor wedding without risking inclement weather. The Dance Pavilion is another great option for larger weddings, its capacity reaching up to 350 guests. This pavilion rests a bit higher than its surroundings, giving it an open-air feel overlooking the surrounding natural beauty. The Dance Pavilion is located on the south end of the Marquette Park Pavilion.


The Lower Terrace, boasting space for up to 250 guests, is west of the Park Pavilion and works well in conjunction with the Dance Pavilion as they are directly connected by staircase. The Terrace is a real beauty, offering an open-sided extension from the Formal Lounge, an open-air patio, and fabulous stairways to the lagoon.


Catering at the Marquette Park Pavilion is done exclusively through Marquette Pavilion Sweet Revenge Catering. This company offers many menu packages to fit any bride’s taste or budget.