Lighthouse Restaurant – Cedar Lake, Indiana

Loved by locals and frequented by tourists, the Lighthouse Restaurant is the culinary gem of Cedar Lake, Indiana. This restaurant, overlooking the beautiful Cedar Lake, is built to impress at first sight. The romantic yellow hue of the establishment, along with its multitudes of picture windows, gives off an impressive nautical appearance to onlookers. The name, Lighthouse Restaurant, becomes all the more clear as visitors spot the literal beacon of light shining from the top of it.


Lighthouse Restaurant weddings have become popular in northwest Indiana due to the restaurant’s versatile space, delectable menu, and beautiful surrounding scenery. With both indoor and outdoor settings, each boasting beautiful views of the water, this venue is sure to please an array of brides and their own unique tastes. Unlike other restaurants that have limited seating and cramped space, the second floor of The Lighthouse Restaurant is an open and airy place with capacity for up to 220 wedding guests!


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Location and Contact

Cedar Lake, Indiana, is only an hour from Chicago, making it convenient for guests who wish to arrive via O’Hare International Airport. The close proximity also gives guests a great opportunity to sight-see in the big city after the wedding day. Guests who prefer to stay in town will love the picturesque views of Cedar Lake as they stroll along the shore.


There are many excellent choices for lodging and dining in Cedar Lake. Located near the Lighthouse Restaurant are the Holiday Inn Express and the Hampton Inn and Suites, both excellent options for the wedding party and guests to get a good night of rest after the fantastic wedding celebration. While the Lighthouse Restaurant menu is delectable, guests will be pleased to find many other delicious dining options in town as well. These include The Sandbar Grill (another waterside eatery) and Cedar Lake Kitchen.


The restaurant is located at 7501 Constitution Avenue, Cedar Lake, Indiana 46303 Directions can be found using this address. For Lighthouse Restaurant hours, menu, or additional information, check out their website at

Outdoor Space

Many brides love the opportunity to have an outdoor ceremony before moving indoors to dance the night away. The Lighthouse Restaurant boasts the perfect space to do this, as their lakeside location provides several great options for wedding ceremonies. After all, a lakefront ceremony will blend perfectly with a nautical themed reception under a lighthouse beacon! Adjacent to the restaurant is a dock over the water, a popular choice for outdoor ceremonies and one that always provides excellent views and photo opportunities. Lots of beautiful greenery also surrounds the restaurant, giving the bride other options for her ceremony. These lush trees also give the bride a chance to have some variety in her Lighthouse Restaurant wedding photography rather than having solely waterfront backdrops.

Indoor Space

The main floor of the Lighthouse Restaurant can be rented out for parties and events, but it is the second floor that has become such a successful wedding reception venue. The second-floor private dining space boasts an array of picture windows with excellent views of the water and the surrounding grounds. This dining room can host up to 220 guests and has plenty of room for a dance floor and a band. While this space is generally used for receptions, it can also accommodate wedding ceremonies. Brides will feel more reassured knowing they an indoor option should their outdoor ceremony meet with inclement weather. The Lighthouse Restaurant wedding cost includes all tables and chairs necessary for the event.


As this venue is first and foremost a restaurant, all wedding catering is done onsite. This pleases many brides as it simplifies the wedding process and removes any confusion that could possibly stem from dealing with a separate caterer and venue. The menu at the Lighthouse Restaurant is quite popular during normal daily service, and their private event menu is no less successful. Seafood, steak, tons of hors d’oeuvres, and even vegetarian options are just a few of the amazing choices from the Lighthouse Restaurant kitchen. Also available is a separate kids menu, a great choice for the ring bearer and flower girl of the wedding party! Each menu item is priced on a per-person or a per-piece basis, so the bride is free to mix and match her choices until her perfect culinary package is complete.


Several distinct bar packages are available for wedding receptions, and these packages range in options from a basic beer and wine package to a top-shelf open-bar package. Each package is priced per-person, allowing the bride and groom to mindfully select what works best for their wedding.