Hamstra Gardens – Wheatfield, Indiana

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When searching for an outdoor wedding venue, there are many different styles to choose from. There’s the golf course wedding- a more structured and formal version of an outdoor wedding with expansive green space all around. Or perhaps a relaxed and bohemian beach wedding with sand under your toes and the sparkling sea at your back. There’s even the backyard wedding- an intimate, meaningful wedding where the bride and groom can start their life together in the very place they call “home”. And then, there’s the garden wedding. Whimsical, romantic, and fresh, garden weddings are like a fairy tale from a simpler time.


A Hamstra Gardens wedding is the picture-perfect garden wedding that you have been dreaming of since childhood. Like something right out of a fairy tale, this garden makes a stunning wedding venue with a natural, romantic setting. The space is so lovely, in fact, that many people choose to take photos at Hamstra Gardens and estates for a variety of reasons, including engagements, anniversaries, family photos, and senior photos. Wedding photos will be no less beautiful, as the bride’s gown will bring to life the already magical atmosphere of the gardens. This is is such a beautiful location that many types of events are hosted here, such as showers, birthday parties, and, at one point, even an outdoor concert on the Hamstra Gardens lawn! Brides and grooms love this garden as a venue. For first-hand experiences, check out the Hamstra Gardens wedding reviews on their Facebook page.


Hamstra Gardens is located in Wheatfield, Indiana. Wheatfield is only an hour and a half from Chicago, Illinois, making it convenient for out-of-state guests who need to fly to O’Hare. Midway Airport is also nearby, being only 50 miles from the venue. The proximity to Chicago will also be great for guests who want to sightsee before or after the wedding day! There are several hotels near Hamstra Gardens, including the Courtyard Marriott and the Fairfield Inn and Suites. These and more would be excellent accommodations for the wedding guests and the bride and groom will be able to reserve a block of rooms ahead of time at a discounted rate.


Among the beautiful landscapes of Hamstra Gardens are plenty of spaces that would make a great backdrop to the wedding ceremony. The most popular is a set of brick ruins with an arched doorway and several windows. Behind this ruin is a large tree line, so guests will simply see rich greenery through the windows of the ruins. These ruins make a rustic, whimsical background that does not overshadow the bride and groom, but rather compliments them in a romantic way.


A Hamtra Gardens reception can take place on the expansive lawn that flows throughout the garden. Renting a tent is a popular choice, as it defines the space of the reception and ensures that guests don’t spread out too far. A tent can also protect from rain or other inclement weather, and thus many brides feel more comfortable with a tent. However, an open-air wedding reception is a beautiful choice as well. No coverage would allow the wedding guests to more easily admire the beautiful surroundings, and of course this is more affordable than renting a tent. Regardless, a reception amidst the beautiful Hamstra Gardens will be something out of a fairy tale.

Photo Opportunities

Hamstra Gardens has more to offer than lawns, flowers, and trees, although it has plenty of those, too! The whimsical atmosphere of this garden is due to the extensive choices for beautiful photography locations. A stone cottage with a rustic wooden door stands on the property, a lovely place to pose when taking wedding pictures. The cottage is the cherry-on-top of the fairytale look, and it really sets this garden apart from most garden venues. Alongside the cottage are more ruins, bigger than those used for the ceremony and made of stone rather than brick. These ruins also have doorways in them, including an arched wooden doorway that seems straight out of a castle.


In front of the cottage and ruins is a sparkling, pristine pond upon which the garden’s greenery reflects perfectly. The pond is complete with a fountain and a row boat, completing the picture of a romantic day by the water. Over one section of the pond is a lovely wooden bridge, a perfect place to take photos of the entire bridal party together.


The garden property also boasts a wood and stone trellis walkway, another perfect photo opportunity, or simply a place for guests to mingle before and after the ceremony. The rustic wooden chairs under the trellis will provide excellent seating on the wedding day. A stone fire pit is available on the grounds as well, which is a great opportunity to add a fun snack to the reception such as roasted marshmallows!