Chicago Engagement Session – Rebecca and Dustin

It’s always important to me to make sure the personalities of my couples shine through in their photos — both in their wedding photos, as well as their engagement photos. I want their photos to tell a story, and to speak about who they are as a couple.


When it comes to the wedding photos, this is achieved mostly by evoking and capturing emotions. The wedding day is a very emotionally intense day for most couples, so there are an abundance of moments throughout the day between the bride, the groom, and their families that will all compile together to tell their story.


With engagement photos, we have a completely different scenario. Engagement photos are a situation where instead of simply telling stories with emotions, we can now build a literal storyboard and theme to the session. With this, literally anything goes — from locations, to outfits…you name it. This is where I see a perfect opportunity to tell a couple’s story.  A story of their every day lives, their daily grind, and what makes them who they are. Shooting this way adds so much more value to the finished product. The couples are able to truly connect with their photos, as they can literally see a glimpse of their world in the images we capture.


The night I met with Rebecca and Dustin to book their wedding, one of the first things that came up during our discussion about their engagement sessions was Chicago, motorcycles, and tattoos. For Rebecca and Dustin, these are all things that are a big part of their world. From there, the planning fell right into place!


For our first spot, we met downtown Chicago in the West Loop. Rebecca and Dustin showed up looking completely B/A. Totally hyped about how this session turned out — they rocked it!



Loved this license plate they had made! Super cool idea.



For our second location, we made our way to one of my favorite skyline views in downtown Chicago — Milton Olive Park. Just can’t get enough of this spot. Such a beautiful view of the Chicago skyline and the Sears (Willis) Tower at sunset.



These two look tough, but they’re two of the sweetest people I know. We had such a blast and so many laughs throughout the evening.


PS…Dustin…don’t be mad for me calling you sweet.  😉



Can’t wait to share the big day with you two, Rebecca and Dustin! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be your wedding photographer!!


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